Brand Building on a Budget

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Do you know the number one reason small businesses fail? I’ll give you a second to think.

Well if you didn’t guess-it’s poor planning; more specifically, poor budget planning. No matter how moist your cupcakes are, or how comfortable your Egyptian cotton PJ’s are, no one will know if you don’t create a proper budget. Investing in branding doesn’t have to mean spending $1,000 a month on a corporate agency retainer. With today’s technology and online resources there are 101 ways to start brand building on a budget, and avoid breaking your pockets.

1. Buy Your Own Domain

What’s the first thing you do as a consumer when trying to find information on a new product? You Google it! The worst situation you can put yourself in is having a potential customer looking online for your product, and it not popping up in that Google search. If your dreams are to turn “Sasha’s Sweet Treats” into a cupcake empire, then the most basic step you need to take is purchasing offers domain names starting at merely $12.99 a year. What is a twelve-dollar investment for your future?

Tip: Google “GoDaddy Promo Codes” and you might get it for 99cents!

2. Build a Killer Website

Now ,10-years ago creating a website was a huge and expensive hurdle to jump. You needed HTML, CSS Coding skills, and at least $1,000 to find a designer. What kind of world would it be in 2013 if there wasn’t an easier option? With drag and drop website builders like Wix and SquareSpace, you can become a web designer right in your home office and PJ’s. And don’t opt for the free version if you can afford it. Take that $10 a month, connect, remove those tacky ads and make a name for your brand!

Tip: Not the creative type? Wix offers templates, as well as pros that can build your site for a reasonable price!

Professional E-Mail

Now you’ve designed a beautiful website, you’re making it to the top of the Google list, and your contact us page says “E-Mail us”? Absolutely not! Image is everything and as an entrepreneur you can’t cut corners where it counts. GoDaddy offers a free email account with the purchase of your custom domain name. Or if you want to be really fancy, invest $5 a month into Google Business Apps and receive all the benefits of Google’s free email accounts, including the calendar and cloud storage, and use your custom email address of

Get the Word Out

Now that you’ve given your company a little face-lift it’s time to tell everyone about it! Social Media is a great place to start. You can easily, and freely, enlist the support of friends and family to help spread the word, but to retain your customers a great place to start is a newsletter. With free and affordable companies like MailChimp creating beautiful and informational newsletters is easier than ever. You can even easily sync your Wix and Facebook accounts to generate sign-up forms!

With these simple tips alone you could easily begin brand building on a budget for less than $30! But lets not stop at the basics. Growing your brand should be an ever evolving process, which you should always be investing in.  Try finding a few good blogs to stay abreast on tips and ideas for affordable branding options! There’s something new everyday!

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