You Are Who You Know

You Are Who You KnowYour network equals your net worth.  You are the company that you keep. Birds of a feather flock together. We’ve heard it time and time again. You’re only as successful as your closest friend, and yours just happens to be in a financial rut sitting at a fork in the road having a quarter-life crises.  They may be a great friend, but are they the person that’s going to push you towards your goals, help you focus on your priorities, and help you and your business grow? Here are a few tips for finding people that can help.

1. Reconsider Where You’re Spending Your Time

Are you nights spent bar hoping through countless happy hours? If so you should highly consider swapping out for at least two professional networking events a week. With websites such as EventBrite and MeetUp it’s easier than ever to find industry related events to meet like-minded people.

2. Don’t Under Estimate The Power Of Carrying Business Cards

Yes this is the technological day and age, but some things will always be standard. Phones die, and tablets may not be connected to Wi-Fi, but that business card will always be ready. Whether it’s as simple as Vista Print or as fancy as your best friend working Photoshop magic, get business cards and stay prepared.

3. Follow Someone On Instagram Other Than Beyonce

Yes, if you didn’t follow Beyonce on Instagram when she dropped “Beyonce” it would have been a national catastrophe. Yet, I’m sure it’d be worse if you’ve been struggling with Google SEO, and you missed an official Google Hang out last week twenty-minutes from your house. Social media has been denounced for all the negative contributions but there’s a lot more to say about the number of jobs found in the last year via Instagram alone. Everyday I see someone in my industry post about an internship, an event hosting opportunity, even modeling and acting opportunities. Just as simply as your scrolling through countless selfies and people popping bottles, you could have scrolled over your dream job, and “youainteinknowit”.

People are inclined to help the people they know, so you need to make sure you know the right people. These are just a few simple tips to get you started building your network, but the list goes on and on. Try looking for 3 networking events in your area to attend in the next 30 days.

P.S. Don’t forget about cleaning up those social media profiles like I discussed in the “Yes, We’re Judging You” article.

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